Business Optimised Architecture

All too often, businesses of all sizes suffer from a problem with barriers. Not necessarily physical ones, but ones where a meaningful and truly valuable communication between business departments hit dead ends. And it’s not through a lack of regular meetings (although lockdown has certainly added to this), or poor inter-departmental communication.

Those barriers exist because quite often these departments are unaware of what could truly be possible.


This is where Signal’s Business Optimised Architecture comes in.

Our experience has shown us the value that can be found by truly optimising IT infrastructures. Unlocking these barriers  helps different business divisions to truly utilise the infrastructure bandwidth, features and tools at their disposal (that they didn’t even know existed). Tapping into this can make entire businesses run better and more profitably.

A scalable, secure network is only part of the IT story of any growing enterprise. Let us create an  architecture and infrastructure that will grow with you, backed by the robust security that underpins any solution we deliver.

We call it business optimised architecture (BOA) – the next generation of truly integrated IT network solutions.

Strategically targeting your IT expenditure, to deliver you the highest value ROI
But what does ‘ROI’ really mean? For different businesses, it’s a different type of return that is the key business driver. By showing you what is possible with a smartly designed and managed network infrastructure, we can help ensure you get the returns that make the biggest difference to your bottom line. We’ll also show you how you can utliise your IT budget on the things that matter, not the things that don’t.

Maximum utilisation of your IT infrastructure and assets, to harness their full technical potential
How many apps on your mobile phone do you never use? We bet there’s some great ones there, that are still waiting to be discovered, but you just haven’t got around to it, or understood their value. We will wager that it’s exactly the same with your IT infrastructure. We can show you the potential that is waiting to be explored and implemented, opening up opportunities that you hadn’t even considered were possible.

Accessible and comprehensive compliance and reporting, to ensure that business targets are being met
If you don’t know where you are, how can you know how to reach your destination? We can offer (or show you how to generate) reports that tell you the things you need to know, not the things you don’t. And our support services make sure that your infrastructure is safe, secure and fully compliant with global, local and company standards.

A strategic technical roadmap to deliver continued innovation and retain a modern ecosystem
A great infrastructure is the foundation for a solid and dynamic business. But with legacy networks and stretched in-house IT teams, sometimes the culture can be more ‘set it and forget it’ (until it breaks), than keeping on top of all the latest releases and improvements. This can mean that often, businesses are missing out on the things that could make their lives easier. Thankfully, we’re on hand to keep things up to date and show you what is new and the implementations that could really benefit your business and help meet your requirements, however challenging they may be.

Delivery of expert professional, consultancy and service desk resources – a flexible service that can be as comprehensive as you need
We don’t just install and run. We are happy to service your business optimised architecture with as much support as you need, whether that’s a fully managed service, or just some help with one or two elements.

Connection of your technology and ecosystem design with your people and processes to help achieve technical excellence
Everyone loves to say their infrastructure is integrated, but from our experience, that integration stops outside of the different IT elements working together. Let us show you what ‘integrated’ can really mean and the value it could potentially unleash for your business.

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