Core Values

At Signal IT Solutions, we believe deeply in our Mission & Vision as well as our Core Values. These form the basis of how we operate and ensure the quality of the service we provide our valued clients.

Our Core Values

Trust / Transparency / Integrity

  • Meaning: Each activity is undertaken with an open and honest approach. Any potential adverse factors are highlighted with constructive feedback encouraged in order to work towards resolution and thus avoid conflict.
  • Impact: Ensures an inclusive, team environment underpinned by positive interactions and progressive communication.

Ownership / Reliability

  • Meaning: Each endeavour is undertaken with a focus on (and responsibility for) completion and delivery of a quality outcome within a target timescale.
  • Impact: Provides confidence for both Signal and clients in the dependability and quality of service. Allows for effective and efficient business operations and ensures focus on delivery of outcomes.


  • Meaning: Each interaction (whether spoken or written) is undertaken with a focus on clear and comprehensive communication using professional language, courteous tone and detailed/accurate content.
  • Impact: Avoids ambiguity and confusion. Ensures visibility and clarity of expectation. Promotes interaction, knowledge sharing and resolution.


  • Meaning: Each opportunity or endeavour is considered based on merit and risk vs reward. Opportunities and alternative changes can be undertaken with speed and flexibility.
  • Impact: Allows the business to remain current and pivot towards the needs and objectives of business and clients.

Passionate / Positive

  • Meaning: Each endeavour is undertaken with energy and a drive to succeed. Negative energy/conflict is avoided through trust / transparency (see above).
    Impact: Ensures momentum and a dynamic approach with challenges confronted in a controlled and progressive manner.


  • Meaning: Each interaction and activity is undertaken with a mindfulness of both the impact and perception within the business and to existing/potential clients.
  • Impact: Positive external and internal reputation promotes brand and enhances/solidifies the core mission/vision.


  • Meaning: Each activity is considered within the context of cyber and physical security with efforts to ensure adherence to minimum expected standards and best practice.
  • Impact: The risk of security compromise is vastly reduced; business reputation is enhanced; and an element of the core vision is realised/maintained.