Data Centre Hosting

Signal IT Solutions are able to provide Data Centre Hosting for our clients.

Our data centre takes a multi-layered approach to physical security. Planned as a single entity, the counter-measures include perimeter fences, gates, lighting, CCTV and robust access control. It is fully owned and secured by design being located within purpose built ex-Ministry of Defence facilities, with 3m reinforced concrete walls, solid steel doors, and 24-hour CCTV – backed by visual verification of all persons entering, escorted access, and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and Tempest RFI intrusion protection.

The facilities are also equipped with redundant power ensuring 100% uptime. It is ISO 27001 accredited, PCI DSS certified and fully compliant with all 12 PCI DSS v3.0 requirements. All processes are Security Council controlled.

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