VIP Service Technical Details

Cyber Criminals increasingly target VIP individuals and families such as C-Level Executives, High Net Worth individuals and Celebrities due to a combination of level of public exposure, ever-growing digital footprint, brand and asset value.

VIPs are unique. With a wide array of possible vulnerabilities to exploit and the opportunity to apply social engineering to family, friends and contacts, an equally unique approach to Cybersecurity should be adopted by security specialists.

We maintain active monitoring and intelligence gathering around our client assets, gathering tailored information feeds that alert us to anomalies. We have extensive experience dealing with confidential information and sensitively handling this, so we can minimize bureaucracy and maximise results. 


We Handle:

  • Personal Threats
  • Email Compromise
  • Identity Theft
  • Ransomware
  • Asset Theft
  • Social Media Account
  • Digital Theft


  • Personalalised Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Coverage for Immediate Family
  • Asset and Brand Protection
  • Optimised protection for locations and destinations


  • Aggregated view of monitoring data 
  • Fast Cyber breach response times
  • Ability to scale as required
  • Reduced complexity


Let us create a complete picture when it comes to your cybersecurity. Every client is unique, with varied needs and resources. Take the guesswork out of your security with our bespoke security plans, tailored to you. Every decision you make after a breach is now all over social media channels – are you prepared for this? With strategic public relations experts and cyber professionals at our disposal, breaches are triaged and assessed accordingly.

Asset Discovery

Do you know your digital footprint? Attackers might. At Signal, we can map your network in its entirety, and unlike other MSPs, regularly check for changes to this landscape. We can assist with purging sections of your digital footprint, and also help you understand your information that is on the public domain. Remember that this extends to your family and loved ones, as attackers will do anything to get to your information. We can include this in our asset discovery, to keep their data as safe as your own.

Communications Security

As an influencer, your social media accounts may be your lifeblood. Why should they be any less secure than your other assets? We can help to secure these, as well as your other devices and accounts. We monitor the Dark Web constantly. We keep an eye on social media. Emails are secured by us. We cover it all.

Location Security

Your security doesn’t stop online. Your wireless and IoT devices are just as vulnerable to attack and should be protected. We can handle everything from patch management to best practices when using your mobile phone. All of these changes will factor into a complete security solution, something that is required in today’s fast-moving environment.

Brand Protection

Criminals will do anything in their power to gain a foothold when it comes to your brand. For a lot of VIPs, your brand is you. The protection should extend to cover this. We can assess your personal risk level, which will depend on several factors:

  • Level of fame
  • If you run a business from your home
  • The number of IoT connected devices you own
  • Your level of wealth/income

These are just some of the risk factors, and our bespoke assessment will deliver an in-depth report. Once we have an understanding of your risk level, we can tailor a security package to your needs.


For a limited time only, we are offering a free risk assessment to align your current position against the NIST framework. Simply click here to complete the form and we will contact you to discuss.

Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity is about blending function and control to ensure a layered strategy that responds to risk, cost and manageability considerations.

At Signal, we deliver a comprehensive MSSP service to SMEs business seeking elite performance, scalability and security without compromise.


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