Outsourced IT

We realise that all businesses are different with a unique set of requirements and challenges. With a wealth of experience ranging from managing the end-to-end support for some clients through to seamlessly extending the existing on-premise and/or 3rd party IT resource in other cases, we are highly capable of helping drive the delivery of the bespoke IT & Operational Service Levels suitable for your

We understand that a successful IT Service outcome is directly dependant on the quality of service provided by each party involved. As such, we utilise formal Operational-Level Agreements (OLA) to clearly define our roles, responsibilities and expectations which should be viewed in conjunction with OLAs for each other party who will be providing an element of the overall IT support service.

These OLAs not only dictate the processes and procedures each provider will adhere to, but also the Service Level Agreements targets expected for each party. In addition, these OLAs determine the level of access and authorisation we require to perform the necessary functions without compromising our own Service Level Agreement targets.

We believe communication and collaboration is essential to provide the level of service we expect. As such, we will engage directly with your internal and 3rd party resources as necessary and can also manage the overall IT function for your business should this be required.

Our onboarding process includes engagement with each party/resource to ensure management of combined expectations over how the service will be delivered and each party will communicate.

We promote the use of our industry-leading Service Desk Platform (ConnectWise) by internal/3rd parties to ensure a unified Ticket Management platform and approach is in place. As such, we can provide access to our platform to achieve effective ticket collaboration, efficiency of ticket handling and central visibility across tickets with reporting and compliance capabilities.