Vulnerability Scanning

Accurately identify vulnerabilities across your estate with our vulnerability scanning. By closely working with the security community, new vulnerabilities are detected and remediations developed swiftly. Our team has a deep understanding of how security works, both proactively and reactively. With tailor-made reporting in a variety of formats, specific vulnerabilities and hosts can be targeted. Alongside this, a remediation plan can also be implemented.

Free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

For a limited time only, we are offering a free risk assessment to align your current position against the NIST framework. Simply complete the form and we will contact you to discuss.

Vulnerability Scanning

These plans are tailor-made to your business, always adapting to any change. So you can focus on what matters, knowing your security is in good hands.

Our vulnerability scans

+ Find open ports
+ Remedy security and configuration errors
+ Create an up-to-date inventory of network devices
+ Passively test security controls
+ Find sensitive data with insufficient security
+ Discover weak passwords


Regular vulnerability scans

+ Signal can offer regular vulnerability scans, meaning that after a preliminary scan, we will understand your network. This allows us to offer an unprecedented level of support for subsequent scans as we can create bespoke tailored services, built around your enterprise.
+ By understanding the current threat landscape our experts are always one step ahead, carrying some of the most prestigious qualifications in the industry. Contact us now and a consultant will be in touch shortly.

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