Signal provide Hyper-convergence solutions that help your business achieve elite compute performance with increased simplicity, scalability and availability.

We are proud to partner with Scale Computing.

Combining servers, storage, hypervisor, and backup/DR into a single appliance, HC3 (Hyperconvergence) will help you create more scalable, highly available, and affordable infrastructure.

The simplicity of HC3 lowers costs of primary and edge infrastructure across the organisation, so you can put money back into your business.

+ HC3 Virtualisation – Simplified highly automated infrastructure that keeps your apps and business running.

+ HC3 Edge Solutions – Self-healing right-sized infrastructure that runs critical apps right where they’re needed.

+ HC3 Cloud Unity – Connect your HC3 to the cloud to protect critical assets.

+ HC3 Appliances – HC3 is available on a variety of hardware platforms to meet all your needs.

+ HC3 HyperCore Software – The powerful, innovative software that powers our HC3 appliances.

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