Whether your email is on-premise or cloud-based, Signal can help ensure your solution is optimised for security and availability.

Services include Mail Filtering, Mail Security, PAM, Phishing Exercises, User Awareness Training, Device Deployment and Mobile Device Managament (MDM).

Email security is the practice of protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of email communications and the information they contain. This can include a range of measures such as encryption, authentication, and spam filtering to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, and phishing attacks.

Encryption is a key element of email security. It involves encoding messages or data in a way that can only be accessed by authorized parties. Encryption is often achieved through the use of public and private keys, with the private key held by the recipient and the public key used to encode the message. When the recipient receives the message, they use their private key to decode it.

Authentication is another important aspect of email security. It verifies the identity of the sender of an email through methods such as digital signatures and two-factor authentication.

Spam filtering helps prevent unwanted and potentially harmful emails from reaching an inbox. It can be achieved through techniques like keyword filtering, sender reputation checks, and machine learning algorithms.

In conclusion, email security is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access. By implementing strong security measures, organizations and individuals can protect their email communications and the information they contain.

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