Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Signal provide Backup, DR & Business Continuity services.

Managed Backup

Signal provide Managed Backup services which provide the following benefits:
data secuity

Proactive Ransomware Protection

+ Avoid downtime by actively protecting files from unauthorized modification and/or encryption. Active Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and white-listing to keep your data safe.

database backup

Instant Restore

+ Manage your recovery time objectives (RTO) and minimize process disruption to seconds, all while maintaining your company’s overall productivity with our unique runVM technology.

cloud security 1

Complete Protection

+ Keep your infrastructure and data completely secure, whether you’re facing growing amounts of data, adopting new business processes, or migrating to new applications, platforms or cloud.

data safety

Blockchain Notarization

+ Ensure data integrity with innovative blockchain-based Notary technology which prevents damage to or tampering with your files by attacks targeting archive files.


Unmatched Simplicity

+ Save on licensing, education, integration and daily operations with a simple, scalable tool that manages any data protection task.

data storage

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

+ Manage all forms of data protection within one workflow through a centralized management and unified control interface. Back up to any kind of storage and recover any piece of data easily with minimum downtime.

Managed Recovery

Signal provide comprehensive Managed Backup and Recovery services:

Data loss event

+ Following a data loss event, the greatest expense is often not the cost of recovery but rather the downtime to your business. Time is money, after all. Independently proven to be the fastest data recovery available, our Managed Backup solution gets your systems up and running quicker with technology that lets you:


Instant Restore

+ Attain RTOs of 15 seconds or less with Acronis Instant Restore. You’ll start backups as a virtual machine directly from storage, so you won’t need to move your data.

+ Restore to the same or dissimilar hardware using Restore feature. You can recover your system in bare-metal physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

+ Automate the recovery of critical systems by customizing the bootable media with scripting, which ensures your mission critical operations continue.

+ Remotely restore bare-metal servers and access bootable media via wide area networks (WAN) to keep your distributed sites and systems running.

Business Continuity

Signal provide comprehensive Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

Business Continuity

+ However these should be considered within the wider context of Business Continuity.

+ Following a Disaster event occurring, a business will have envoked the immediate planned Disaster Recovery steps but now need to concentrate on the longer term restoration and continuation of business operations.

+ Business Continuity planning is essential for the modern business and Signal can help you create your Business Continuity strategy.


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