We are proud to partner with Scale Computing.

Combining servers, storage, hypervisor, and backup/DR into a single appliance, HC3 (Hyperconvergence) will help you create more scalable, highly available, and affordable infrastructure.

The simplicity of HC3 lowers costs of primary and edge infrastructure across the organisation, so you can put money back into your business.

+ HC3 Virtualisation – Simplified highly automated infrastructure that keeps your apps and business running.

+ HC3 Edge Solutions – Self-healing right-sized infrastructure that runs critical apps right where they’re needed.

+ HC3 Cloud Unity – Connect your HC3 to the cloud to protect critical assets.

+ HC3 Appliances – HC3 is available on a variety of hardware platforms to meet all your needs.

+ HC3 HyperCore Software – The powerful, innovative software that powers our HC3 appliances.

HC3 Edge Computing

Scale Computing HC3 Edge is built specifically for sites that need highly-available, autonomous infrastructure that can be deployed almost anywhere.

Edge computing encompasses any physical computing
infrastructure intentionally located outside the four walls of
the datacenter. Storage and compute resources can be placed
where they are needed while hosted on a minimal hardware
footprint. Infrastructure at the edge collects, processes, and
reduces vast quantities of data, acting as a high performance
bridge from local computing to both private and public clouds.

+ HC100 Series – Small, all-flash, NVMe storage-based compute appliance that delivers simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise-ready virtualization.

+ HE500 Series – Right-sized HCI appliances that provide enterprise-class features to remote locations and boost edge computing capabilities.

Benefits of Edge Computing with HC3 Edge

HC3 is a powerful virtualization platform for running the workloads you require with high performance and efficiency.

Scale Computing’s patented HyperCore technology enables machine intelligence to detect and mitigate infrastructure problems in real time. Combined with a clustered back-end architecture, this means applications stay running even as hardware problems arise or updates are

Eliminate silos of hardware and software. No VMware or hypervisor
license is required and no VSA resource overhead is needed. Self-healing
intelligence, local high-availability, remote disaster recovery, and hybrid
cloud capabilities are built-in and automated by HyperCore. Additional
resources can be mixed and added without downtime. Sites can be
managed individually or centrally, with complete flexibility in how sites are
grouped, orchestrated, and monitored.

HC3 systems can be easily deployed in minutes with VMs up and running in less than an hour. No specialized training or certification is required – no on-site IT expertise is even required! The platform is designed to be as intuitive as a smartphone but as powerful as a full data center.

HC3 provides the lowest edge acquisition and deployment cost in the world. A typical customer reduces on-going management costs by 60-80% due to HC3 automation and machine intelligence. Eliminate the cost of multiple silos of infrastructure hardware and software components and all of their required licensing. Reduce or eliminate the need for
4-hour onsite support. A single management interface can handle from one to thousands of deployments, and the HC3 platform can grow from the smallest edge location to the largest centralized datacenter under a single architecture.

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